Susan's story

Financial support from IET Connect helped Susan, from Cambridge, take care of her parents

“You hear stories about other people’s parents getting frail and needing care. But until you’re in that situation yourself, you don't realise how deeply dispiriting and stressful it can be.

When my father was suddenly incapacitated and confined to bed, my mother had already been diagnosed with dementia. My main challenge at the time was funding the support they needed. It was the wish of both my parents to remain in their own home. They were rapidly spending all their savings on healthcare and I was becoming increasingly desperate about how we’d manage the situation financially over time.

I was sorting my father’s correspondence when I saw something about IET Connect – as a professional engineer; he had been a member of IET for years. I decided to call the helpline.

Turning a corner

The woman, who answered, was immensely sympathetic. When she said ‘I think we can help you’, I could hardly believe it. It was the first positive thing I’d heard during such a difficult time. The financial support they provided to pay for my parents’ care was desperately needed, but just to be listened to, and receive such kindness, made the biggest difference.

I believe that if we hadn’t had the help from IET Connect, my health would have broken down from the strain of managing my parents’ situation on top of holding down my full-time job and looking after my own family. Talking to them was such a hugely significant factor in turning a corner. I finally thought, ‘Maybe we can manage this after all’.

I’d say to anyone in difficulty, put aside any preconceived ideas about asking for help and give IET Connect a ring. They offer support in such a respectful and dignified way, and they’ll do their very best to help you and your family.”

The financial support was desperately needed, but just to be listened to, and receive such kindness, made a huge difference.

Susan, Cambridge