"This is a very powerful, structured space for reflection, thinking and planning for a fulfilling retirement. Thank you!"

When to retire is a significant personal decision and the transition can be a challenge. While some people look forward to retiring, for others, the thought of leaving the weekday structure, work friends and financial security is daunting. If you have concerns, you're not alone.

We support IET members and their partners through major life changes and retirement is one of the biggest. To help you plan for a fullfilling retirement, we've joined with Laterlife, who specialise in helping people plan for retirement.

We're running one-day workshops in Central London covering all aspects of retirement, including finances, physical and mental well-being, finding a new sense of purpose, managing more free time and other aspects you may never have thought about. You’ll leave the workshop with the knowledge and skills to plan for your future, and will take with you a resource pack to help put this knowledge in to practice and create your own personalised plan. For more information about the workshop have a look at this two page introduction.

The workshop is aimed at IET Members and their partners who are considering retirement within the next 2 years.

For info on upcoming workshops please email ietconnect@theiet.org or call 020 7344 5498

Next London workshops:   

20 June 2019 - book below: