Young carers

We all take care of our family and friends when they need us, but for young carers it can be particularly difficult to juggle caring, schoolwork and being young.

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If someone under 18 provides, or intends to provide care, assistance or support to you or someone in your family they are a young carer.

Young carers have responsibilities such as

  • Cooking, housework and shopping
  • Helping with dressing and washing
  • Collecting prescription or benefits
  • Regularly looking after or ‘parenting’  younger siblings
  • Administering medication or helping with physiotherapy

We have helped young carers who look after a parents, brothers or sisters. We have paid for respite activities to give the young carers a break from their caring responsibilities, funded equipment and helped families access local support.

There are lots of organisations in the UK who support young carers and their families and details of some of these are below. If a child or young person in your family could benefit from support or a break get in contact and we will do what we can to help.

Sources of support for young carers is the only dedicated online support service for carers under the age of 18. There are videos, guides and forums and advice from other young carers and professionals.

Include Programme

Run by the Children’s Society, the Include Programme has national and local programmes which help with voluntary and statutory services and they have resources on their website for parents, teachers and other professionals.

Action for children

Action for children can help families with a wide range of subjects. One of those that they focus on is young carers. They can help with advice and information, needs assessments, outings for young carers and opportunities to meet other young carers.

Caring Alone

This is service for young adult carers aged 16-30 years. It provides an online social space and support service for carers to receive help, support and information. It is run by carers for carers.