Being prepared as a carer

Perhaps you’ve just started caring for someone who needs your help, or maybe you’ve been caring for years. Either way, it’s good to be prepared, but what can you do to be prepared?

  • Look after yourself!

    To be able to care for someone else, you also need to look after yourself so your own needs are met. This can be incredibly difficult when someone relies on you for support but it is essential to make time to maintain your own health and wellbeing to avoid ‘burning out’. This can include seeing the GP with any health concerns, getting enough sleep, taking time away from caring and doing something you enjoy.

  • Get emotional support

    Caring for someone you love and supporting them emotionally can take its toll on your emotions. You may see them struggling, may need to regularly repeat yourself or have had to make big life changes to support them. It is common to feel frustration, sadness and anger. To maintain good mental health it important to seek help. You could find emotional support from a number of places including friends, family, a local support group, or a helpline.

  • Get practical and financial support

    Have you had a carer’s assessment? As well as providing a needs assessment for the person needing care, Social Services can also carry out a carer’s assessment to help meet your needs too. Are you getting the benefits you are entitled to? You may be eligible for state benefits, such as Carer’s Allowance, which could help you financially.

We are here to help!

We can help you be prepared as a carer. Things we may be able to help you with include:

  • Grants toward respite breaks for carers
  • Grants toward paid carers
  • Advice on state benefits
  • Finding local services and support groups
  • Referring to national services
  • Information on Carer’s Assessments
  • Emotional support

To see if we can help you, please contact us