Losing someone you love can have a both an emotional and financial impact and dealing with the effects can be difficult, but we are here to support you through it.

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The experience of losing someone close is a very personal one.  Everyone experiences grief differently and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Some people may get by with support from family and friends, but sometimes extra support might be needed. There may be practical matters that need to be addressed and concerns or anxieties about the future.

If you have been affected in any way by the death of someone close to you and you would like advice or support, IET Connect may be able to help you.

We can:

  • Put you in touch with specialist bereavement organisations for emotional and practical support.
  • Pay for counselling if you can't access it free.
  • Refer you to a free legal helpline for advice.
  • Provide emergency financial help and in some cases longer term financial support.
  • Give one-to-one advice on matters such as state benefits.
  • Discuss any care needs.

Support for bereavement and grief

There are several charities in the UK who offer support specifically on dealing with bereavement and grief. We have listed three of the largest below, who can help if you have lost a loved one.

Child Bereavement Charity

They are the UK's leading charity that supports families and educates professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved.
Tel: 01494 446 648

Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse Bereavement Care exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people and help any bereaved person to understand their grief and cope with their loss.
Tel: 0844 477 9400

The WAY Foundation  

Supports men and women widowed in the UK aged 50 and below.
Tel: 0870 011 3450