Career coaching

Our career coaching is provided by Chiumento, in the UK, and by Arbora Global members in other parts of the world.

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Mike Burgneay, from Chiumento explains about the services they provide to IET members.

Unemployment can be stressful and worrying and our coaches will help you rebuild your confidence and self-esteem – both characteristics that are essential when job hunting. They’ll begin by listening to you to understand how you’re feeling, what you have been doing and, critically, what your career objectives are. If you need help in deciding what the next step might look like, they can help you identify and evaluate future options.

When you have a clear objective in mind, we will help you ‘go to market’. Typically, this will include ensuring your CV is going to be relevant and effective and will get you that all important ‘foot in the door’. Increasingly we find that networking is one of the most effective routes to a new role and our coaches are highly experienced at helping people develop and maximise their own networks. As more and more companies choose to source candidates directly, job seekers need to make sure they are visible to recruiters so we will help you with your LinkedIn profile.

In a world where there is intense competition for roles, it’s vital that people perform to the best of their ability throughout the assessment and selection processes. This means being prepared and well-rehearsed. Our coaches help people in this critical area. There is nothing worse than leaving an interview wishing you had performed better and the only thing better than walking out feeling you’ve given it your all is when you get the call to say you’ve got the job!

Not everyone we support is looking for a job. Increasing numbers of people are thinking about some form of self-employment. More people are choosing self-employment as a life style choice as well as a career choice. Our coaches can help people decide whether this is a genuinely viable option as well as advising on the more practical issues such as trading formats, advisors and business plans.

The key message about the career support from Chiumento is that it is personally tailored. Working closely with your coach, you can decide what help will be most helpful to you so that the time you have with your coach is as valuable as possible. And alongside the support you’ll receive from your coach, you will also have access to Chiumento’s unique online portal.

There are many examples of IET members who have found the career support incredibly helpful. Here are the words of just one:

“The career coaching was first class. Although I had been to similar companies in the past and was initially sceptical of the value it would add, it very quickly became apparent the service was highly focused on the individual needs of each client. The team at Chiumento acted as a sounding board and allowed me to reassess my actions and remain focused on my goals throughout the process of returning to work. I will continue to be active within the IET and hope to complete my application for C Eng. in the near future and hope that I can reciprocate the support.”


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