Employment support

Being out of work can be tough, and finding a new job can be difficult. Your finances may be under pressure and it may be affecting your health. Whatever your situation, we will do what we can to support you through it.

Free career coaching programme

Being out of work can be difficult but we are here to help. We work with renowned specialists to offer tailored career coaching programmes to suit your needs. We can give you the tools you need to find your next opportunity.

Support can include practical solutions such as:

  • Evaluating your options, identifying your key skills and deciding on the next step
  • Learning what works and what doesn’t in a modern job market
  • Creating strong CV’s and applications for every role you apply for
  • Harnessing the power of LinkedIn and networking in your job searching
  • Building highly effective relationships with recruiters that work for you
  • Transforming your interview performance and securing the role you want

Our specialists have a great track record for getting IET members back into work and feeling more confident. 

Take that first step towards your new opportunity and contact us today.

Financial support

If you are having financial difficulties as well IET Connect may be able to provide you with some short-term financial support to assist with one-off needs or day-to-day living costs.

Free legal advice

If you are having problems at work, have been made redundant or are at risk of redundancy, and need advice on your rights, IET Connect’s free legal advice line can help.  It is provided by legal specialists at Law Express and covers a broad range of employment related topics including compromise agreements, unfair dismissal and contracts.  It is available to IET members in the UK and other EU countries.


T: +44 (0)20 7344 5498
Monday to Friday
09.00-17.00 UK time
E: ietconnect@theiet.org

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