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As members of the IET, we understand how important your education is. The IET supports your academic development but if you're facing other challenges, which are impacting on your studies, we're here for you.

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Being at university or in higher / further education can be some of the most enjoyable years of your life but sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Often this is because of an unexpected event such as illness or something happening at home.

If you are at risk of leaving your course because of an unexpected change of circumstances since you started, or issues which are beyond your control, we will try and make things easier and to help you to complete your studies. We are unable to pay tuition fees but can fund other essential costs.

We have helped with

  • Travel costs to help a student regularly go home to care for a parent with mental health problems.
  • Counselling sessions for a student who needed more than the set number provided by the university.
  • Moving costs to help a student who had to change university following problems with visa registration.
  • Financial support towards day-to-day living costs for students with additional needs.

If you are having difficulties which are affecting your studies it is important that you let your school / college / university know. Most will have some form of student support or welfare department who can give you advice on how they can help.


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